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Urban Baby Art


Welcome to the Pumpkin Patch Creative Pre-School website. We are proud to say our family is a unique, loving, colorful, and interesting place to grow and explore. Our Family of teachers are nurturing and experienced educators. We are a family operated, private pre-school instilled with old fashioned values and a creative flare that produces a wonderful learning environment for your children. We give each and every child personal and individual attention just as we would (and do) for our own children. Our program is designed to let the children work progressively, to excel on their own, level, which positively enhance their future achievements.

We hope you will enjoy your journey through our world. Everything you will see is a labor of love from our family to yours. We enjoy what we do for the children and for the community in which we live. Everyday is filled with laughter, love and a felling of accomplishment for the Pumpkin Patch family. To all the parents, we would like to thank you for believing in our ability to love and educate your most prized possessions, your children.

We dedicate this website to all of our students past, present and future. The world is yours, behold and grow.